Holy Cross Church Calicut

Santa Cruz Chapel,

Mavoor Road Jn.,


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Mass at 07.00 am&Novena


Mass at 07.00 am&Novena


Santa Cruz Chapel – ‘The Cross Church’

Traffic is very busy on the CalicutWayanad road, but come Friday, the areas around the junction to Mavoor road see many a vehicle snarl. Look closer and the reason is clear, groups of

Pedestrians thronging to an inconsequential little chapel on the main road, called the ‘Church of the Holy Cross’.

Legend has it that, a tiny cross shaped rock was noted to be mysteriously and noticeablygrowing bigger over a period of time. This aroused fear of this unexplained phenomenon coupled with Godly fervour enhanced the reputation of this miracle which resulted in large numbers of people thronging the chapel to pay homage, or just for plain curiosity. Whatever the reasons, believers have found a deep affinity towards this sign from above, and there are many testimonies of favours received by those venerating this cross.

This ethereal dimension to its already growing popularity, resulted in the initial efforts of the locals taking it upon themselves to build a thatched hut to house this precious Holy Cross’. A few years later, a certain Antony Fernandez took it upon himself to improve the temporary hut. He built a chapel of stone and mortar, with tiled roof and moved the cross to its present location on completion of the construction of the Chapel.

In 1886, this Chapel and the land around it was made over to the then Bishop of Mangalore with a condition that a Mass should be offered once a month at the Chapel. The offer was accepted and then the administration and upkeep of the Chapel was handed over to the Parish priest of the ‘Mother of God’, Cathedral, Calicut.

Rev. Fr. Roca S.J. the parish priest of the Cathedral at that time, renovated the old Chapel, and introduced a facade to it. The Chapel was further renovated by Rev. Fr. Alfred Fernandez who was the cathedral Parish Priest from 1957. He changed the flooring and replaced it with mosaic bricks. He covered the drain in front of the Chapel and installed electric lighting to encourage devotees to visit the shrine even after sunset.

In keeping with its popularity, the church administrators pay special attention to maintain its structure from time to time.

Regular Masses and Church services are held at least four times a week. The feast falls on the 14th of September, and every year the parishioners of the Cathedral select a suitable date to conduct the novena and the feast of the ‘Holy Cross’. It is a very heart-warming spectacle tosee the crowds pouring in throughoutthe year. It is this undeniable faith through humbletestimonies of the masses that is worth recording forposterity.

For those who wish to visit this shrine, the Chapel is open from 5.00 a. m. to 7.00 pm.every day and Fridays till 11.00 pm.