Fathima Matha Church, Sugandagiri

Fathima Matha Church

Sugandhagiri, Vayithiri

Wayanad – 673 576

Ph : 04936-255276


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Sunday 10.30 am Mass


Fathima Matha Church, Sugandhagiri

Fathima Matha Church… the sub station of st.joseph church vythiri was started in the year 2005 in shed roofed with grass and mud. Sugandagiri project was government project . The land was full of cardamom and pepper. There were more than 400 families were working and staying in the estate paddy. Gradually there were labour strike and the estate was closed for many years. After a good fight the families were given 5 acres of land each not as there own but only with living and caring the property agreement. Earlier they had mass in paddy every Sunday. But after the strike it was not possible and for many years they had to come to vythiri church for mass and other needs. Vythiri church is 13 km away and there was no traveling facility even. Moreover, they are economically very poor too. There are 48 chatholic families.  Sisters of charity. Holy Infant Mary s convent sisters special attention to these issues and made a visit to the area and all the Catholic families along with Mr. Sunny madavana and his wife who belongs to vythiri parish. They suggested to then parish priest Fr. E D Mathew to have a common place to celebrate mass.One of the families of sugandagiri Mr. Jose..agreed to give 10 cent of place to build a shed to gather all of them and have mass every Sunday. The parish priest Fr Mathew Edatt gave full support to build the shed and the people very eagerly build the shed which was roofed by grass and mud. On 25th December 2005 the inauguration was done and solemnly celebrated Christmas.Then onwards never stopped Sunday mass in spite of many complaints and cases. Almost all the sundays police were there to watch and to observe the gatherings.Because it is forest area and basically it is govt.placFr. Victor Mendonza took initiative to rebuild the shed and gradually it was grown.Together with Mr.Ciril the parish council secretary, the members of Sugandhagiry and the parish priests worked hard to get permission from the collector to celebrate mass and to have cemetery. Now it is functioning very well with    full support of the people   Sunday catechism, other associations and family units are actively grown in Sugandhagiry.