Diocese of Calicut
Bishop\'s House Mother of God Cathedral
Welcome to Diocese of Calicut
The diocese is named after Calicut (Kozhikode), the most important coastal city of Malabar, the northern region of the state of Kerala, India. Calicut was the traditional capital of Northern Kerala under the Samuthiri (Zamorin) rule and a leading trading centre for spices on the West Coast of India during the medieval period. Vasco de Gama who landed at Calicut (Kappad - 16 KM away from the city) in 1498, was the first European... More
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Calicut diocese came into existence on 12th June 1923. Established by Holy Father Pope Pius XI of happy memory separating Malabar from the Diocese of Mangalore and Wayanad from the Diocese of Mysore, it was spread out into the six Districts of North Kerala extending from Shoranur to Kasargod. People of different culture....
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Sandesham is the Diocesan Bulletin released every month form the Curia.

Circular / Pastoral Letter

Circular letter is the official newsletter from the diocesan bishop to all the parishes and institutions.
  • Educational Institutions in the Diocese of Calicut 2016

    1.     St Joseph’s Anglo Indian H. Secondary School, Calicut

    2.     Fathima ITC, Calicut

    3.     Vocational Training School for women in Tailoring

    4.     St Joseph’s LP School, Calicut

    5.     Providence H. Secondary School, Calicut

    6.     Providence GT Vocational School, Calicut

    7.     Providence Vocational Tailoring Training school for Women

    8.     St Vincent’s Colony H. Secondary School, Calicut

    9.     St Antony’s High School, Badagara

    10.             Little Flower Up School, Cheruvannur

    11.                        Venerini Nursary School, Cheruvannr

    12.                         Philip Neri LP School, Cheruvatta

    13.                        St Xaviers Arts and Science College, Eranhipalam

    14.                        Karuna Speech and Hearing Special School, Eranhipalam

    15.                        Venerini H. Secondary School, Karinkallai

    16.                        St Partick’s LP School, Kallai

    17.                        St Aloysius LP School, Karanthur

    18.                        St Mary’s Nursary School, koyilandy

    19.                        St Theresa’s H Secondary School, Mahe

    20.                        Avila Bhavan LP School, Mahe

    21.                        Kristhuraja LP School,   Malaparamba

    22.                        Providence Women’s College, Malaparamba

    23.                        St Joseph’s English Medium School, Marikunnu

    24.                        St Philomena’s LP School, Marikunnu

    25.                        Nirmala College of Nursing, Marikunnu

    26.                        Nirmala School of Nursing, Marikunnu

    27.                        St Mary’s English Medium High School, Mavoor

    28.                        Sacred Heart UP School, Payyoli

    29.                        St Xavier’s UP School, Peruvayal

    30.                        Shanti Nilayam Nursary School, Peruvayal

    31.                        St Paul’s Higher Secondary School, Thenipalam

    32.                        St Michael’s H. Secondary, School  Westhill

    33.                        Deepalayam School for the Blind, Perinthalmanna

    34.                        St Gemma’s H Secondary School, Malappuram

    35.                        Fathimagiri H Secondary School, Nilambur

    36.                        Presentation H Secondary School, Perinthalmanna

    37.                        RC Higher Secondary School, Chundale

    38.                        St Joseph’s English Medium High School, Kalpetta

    39.                        St Joseph’s Nursery, Kappenkolly

    40.                        St Joseph’s UP School, Meppadi

    41.                        St Joseph’s H Secondary School, Meppady

    42.                        St Antony’s UP School, Pakkam

    43.                        Marianad LP School, Pambra

    44.                        St Joseph Special School for Duff and Dumb, Poomala

    45.                        Holy Infant Mary UP School, Vythiri

    46.                        Kristuraja Public School, Vellaramkunnu

    47.                        Holy Face Public School, Makkiyad

    48.                        Little Flower UP School, Manathavady

    49.                        Lourdumatha Higher Secondary School, Pallikunnu

    50.                        St Joseph’s LP School, Pilakavu